Sea Lion Splash

"Sea Lion Splash" is an exciting and one of a kind traveling sea lion exhibit. Squalus Inc. was first established when Marco Peters began adopting and providing a home for sea lions who were unable to survive in the wild because of sickness, age, or injuries. Marco's passion for sea lions led him to educate the public on the need to coexist with these special marine mammals in harmony.

Thus, began the journey of the Sea Lion Splash


Our Sea Lion Facilites



Educational Facility

With our Educational sea lion facility we custom build an exhibit to fit your zoo or aquarium. We build to your specifications an educational and environmental sea lions exhibit


Sea Lion Facility One

Facility one display several sea lions in a zoo like environment with one glass and one above ground pool together with waterfall, follges and a rock type setting.


Sea Lion Facility Two

Facility two displays our sea lions in two above ground pools connected with a large stage, several waterfalls and has oceanic theme to it.